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Net art and hacking
posted by steve on Friday May 10, @03:49AM   

Two other exhibitions on the intersection of net art and hacking.

I love you - computer_virus_hacker_culture: An exposition by digitalcraft about computerviruses at mak.frankfurt.

Kingdom of Piracy [KOP] is an online, open work space which explores piracy as the net's ultimate art form.

"For the first time in Germany the department digitalcraft of mak.frankfurt arranges an interdisciplinary exhibition regarding computer viruses. In a society of communication and information the dealing with computer viruses belongs to every day digital life. [I love you - computer_virus_hacker_culture] creates a tensed connection from computer viruses as a factor of economic threat to an element that gives momentum to art. Divided into different areas it demonstrates the by now 30 years of computer virus history, its technical development, a visualisation of hidden processes and the aesthetic dimension of computer viruses.
The organisers search for the phenomenon’s artistic potential. What are actually computer viruses? Who creates them and why? What sort of world is hiding behind these everyday phenomena?
. . .
"Kingdom of Piracy [KOP] is an online, open work space which explores piracy as the net's ultimate art form. Hosted by the Acer Digital Art Center [ADAC] in Taiwan as part of ArtFuture 2002, [KOP] will include links, objects, ideas, software, commissioned artists' projects, critical writing and online streaming media events. The exhibition will launch a pilot website in December 2001, and during the following three months the project's curators will begin a process of commissioning projects and written work."
KOP artists include: "BEIGE vs. RSG," Raqs Media Collective + Joy Chatterjea, Mukul Patel & Manu Luksch, ubermorgen.com, 0100101110101101.ORG, doubleNegatives, p.RT, Kristian Lukic & Zvonko Gorecan, Autrijus Tang & Ilya Eric Lee, Exonemo, Diane Ludin, agnese trocchi, olia lialina.

OSAH: A Conversation
Jenny Marketou + Steve Dietz


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